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"It’s good, to be alive, with you now, at the same time".

"It’s nice, to spend my life, if just this small part, by your side"

"That’s hard to justify, still you rose tint and glorify,

                                                       if you could, wear me out, tonight.

Why (why), do you always have to throw (throw), two cent 

Do you ever listen to anything you say?

Do you believe the words you spoke today?

Daniel sleeps with a closed fist

His nerves are shattered 

"One day, I won’t wake"

"One day, they’ll catch me"

He looks at his watch, like he does every morning. 

7:05 like every morning.

Snooze goes off for three minutes from nine, then he’ll lay for two, to clench and massage his wrist.. his fist.

He walks to the bathroom to brush last nights 2am meal, cigarettes and alcohol from his already rotten cavities, always looking over his shoulder in the mirror ahead.

Setting up the garage.

Phototropism - growing towards the light.

“I like women who haven’t lived with too many men. I don’t expect virginity but I simply prefer women who haven’t been rubbed raw by experience. There is a quality about women who choose men sparingly; it appears in their walk in their eyes in their laughter and in their gentle hearts. Women who have had too many men seem to choose the next one out of revenge rather than with feeling. When you play the field selfishly everything works against you: one can’t insist on love or demand affection. You’re finally left with whatever you have been willing to give which often is: nothing. Some women are delicate things, some women are delicious and wondrous. If you want to piss on the sun go ahead but please leave them alone.”


Charles Bukowski

A Poem For Swingers, A Poem For The Playgirls of The Universe.

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